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Kopacka, Kicevo BB

About TGE Records

TGERecords is a part of bigger video and audio produciton company TGE Production that is founded by Darko Sokoleski in 2019 and in first TGE Records was called The Golden Eagle Mucis. But after the re-branding in 2023 TGE Records was formed as a music record label and publishing services.

Here at TGE Records our cliends ideas is on the first place.

If you are passionate about music and dont know were to record contact us and we will make your idea come to life.

World Distribution

We will distribute your music to the most popular palforms like Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Instagram and more.


All Albums

Name: The Great Start

Artists: SOKOL.TGE

Music: Hiphop Rap

Youtube Channel: Listen Now

Name: Minuti

Artists: SOKOL.TGE

Music: Summer, Latin, Trap, Regge

Youtube Channel: Listen Now

Name: Sve Sa Tobom

Artists: SOKOL.TGE

Music: Drill

Youtube Channel: Listen Now

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TGE Upcoming $199

Including good things:

  • Music Recording Session
  • Digital Distribution Limited
  • Instagram Promotion
  • Only Photo Music Video
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Super Boost $299

What makes a premium TGE Records?

  • Music Recoding
  • Distribution To All Streaming Platforms
  • Recoding A Music Video
  • Boost With Ads
  • Lyrics Sync to your song.
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Meet Artists


Birthdate: 24.11.2003

Music: Hip/Hop, Rap, Drill


Name: MakedonskiPatriot

Music: Hip/Hop, Rap

Youtube Channel: Makedonski Patriot

Name: Fighter

Music: Rap/Trap